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Devon Kelly

"Thanks for being an example of so much good, so much kindness, intelligence, and awesome-sauce!

"Thanks for showing me a better way, taking me to new heights, dragging me up the mountain to see the view, being a leader, an example, a friend, an excellent teacher, a man of God, and a "great force for good"

AS PARENTS we know our children have tons of untapped potential. If only we could find a way to inspire and motivate them to release it.
We want them to continually make good choices, and to take ownership for their lives, education, and goals. We want to help them stop procrastinating, and start taking action on the things that matter most, so that they’re prepared for their future — a future we hope is bright, filled with meaning, happiness, family and financial success. 
Personally, we struggle to know what and how to best help our kids. We’re often feeling low on energy and lacking enough time to do the things we need and want to do. How can we make sure that our family is functioning smoothly, that our relationships are strong, and that we’re feeling good about where our life (and our kids’ lives) are headed? How can we make sure that the ‘most important things’ are happening?
OUTSIDE MENTORS can often provide the support and inspiration that we need, for ourselves and our children. A ‘third-party witness’ is often exactly what our kids need to drill home important life principles, inspire change, provide accountability, and help them feel motivated and energized to take on challenges.
MENTORING is one of the ‘secrets’ that parents are discovering to help them raise their kids. While some parents will pay tens of thousands of dollars (sometimes monthly) for troubled youth programs that promise to reform their wayward teen, wise parents focus on prevention — by teaching principles and values, molding and guiding their kids, and re-enforcing their teaching with the help of inspiring mentors who have already successfully navigated that treacherous trail.

What is a Colloquium?

What is a Colloquium?
A ‘colloquia’ is an ‘academic conference or seminar’. Each week, a group of youth, led by their mentor, Greg Denning, meet live and online for dynamic, inspiring, life-changing discussions.

The focus of these discussions is on IMPROVING THE INNER LIFE — through personal and social leadership, great books of the world and scripture study.

YOUTH TODAY are plagued with self-doubt, insecurity and a lack of confidence. The solution to this plague is to help them recognize their worth, acknowledge what they’re good at, learn how to stop basing their self-image on the opinions of others, and helping them try hard things — all of which ultimately build self-confidence. 
They are also bombarded by distractions, media, and the wrong messages about who they should become, what they should believe, and how they should live their life.
What youth want (deep down) is meaningful relationships with those who inspire, uplift and encourage them; a big, exciting vision for their future (and a clear path for making it happen); and to feel happy and energized about their life (a life that’s filled with adventure, purpose and meaning).

What's Covered?

Some of the topics that have been discussed in past colloquia include:

  • Living an Epic Life
  •  Defining Success and Finding Mentors
  •  Mindset Determines Potential
  •  Developing Your Talents
  •  Creating a Vision Board
  •  Following Your Inner Compass
  •  Tender Hearts and Strong Minds
  •  Becoming Emotionally, Mentally and Physically Tough
  •  What Are Harmful and Addictive Substances?
  •  The Determination of the Prophet Daniel
  •  War and Peace: When Do We Fight?
  •  Covenants and Ordinances: What Are They?
  •  Who Are You Becoming? And How?
  •  Preparing for Big Life Changes
  •  Bad Moods and Positive Attitudes
  •  How Have You Grown?
  •  Humanitarian Leadership: Helping that Helps, Not Hurts
  •  Controlling and Directing Your Mind
  •  The Majesty of Humility
  •  Becoming Doers, And Not Just Hearers Only
  •  Behavior and Identity
  •  How Will You Measure Your Life?
  •  Developing Positive Social Skillz
  •  With What Lens Are You Viewing the World?
  •  What Kind of Christian Are You?
  •  Who You Are Vs What You Do
  •  Don’t Let Strengths Be Your Downfall
  •  The Master’s Touch
  •  Ophelia/Polonius Syndrome
  •  New Years Commitments
  •  Setting And Achieving Goals
  •  Logotherapy: Life Meaning is the Primary Motivation
  •  Man’s Search for Meaning
  •  Greatness is Within Reach
  •  Walking in His Steps
  •  How to Solve Your Problems
  •  Why Most People Fail
  •  Othello: Negating the Naysayers
  •  Fables & Parables: Finding Principles While We Read
  •  Building Your Legacy
  • The Power to Change
  • Motivation: The Fuel of Accomplishment
  • Taking 100% Responsibility: Life is What YOU Make It
  •  Reaching Your Full Potential
  •  Discovering Inner Greatness and Believing In Yourself
  •  Becoming Godlike
  •  The Fundamental Factors of a Fantastic Life
  •  Overcoming Insecurities
  •  Cultivating Christ Centered Homes
  •  Positive Affirmations and Self-Talk
  •  The Peacock Pageant and Labels (Judging)
  •  Successful Intelligence: Cultivating Yours
  •  The Savior’s Last Prayer
  •  Being Happy for the Success of Others
  •  Clearly Seeing Your Own Future
  •  Preparing For Your Life Purpose
  •  Big Projects and Small Habits
  •  Your Habits Form Your Future
  •  Becoming a Person of Influence
  •  Finding Great Role Models
  •  Facing Your Enemies
  •  Becoming a Risk Taker
  •  The Power of Being Clean
  •  Because He Lives
  •  Platos Cave: Shadows and Truths
  •  Cultivating Greatness
  •  About Your Father’s Business
  • Great Classic Speeches
  •  Critical Elements of Leadership
  •  Christmas Gift for God
  •  Knowing the Truth for Yourself
  •  Abraham and Isaac and Sacrifice
  •  The Power That Comes from Writing
  •  The Fruitless Fig Tree
  •  The Anatomy of Peace
  •  Platos Apology — The Gadfly
  •  Esther and You
  •  A Midsummer Night Dream
  •  Standing for Something: Wilbur Wilberforce
  •  Where Do You Stand?

“Denning lives and breathes what he teaches. He is down to earth and authentic. The [discussions] are very inspiring and memorable. Especially when he gets emotional because he strongly believes what he teaches. I have gotten emotional listening to him and I have the desire to be better after he speaks. I like that he is really relatable and he only wants the best for us. He wants us to learn and to grow and to progress as people and that means a lot. It feels really good to
be seen as [a person]…


Hey Mr. Denning! This summer I decided to take up any crazy, scary things I could to try to stretch myself. So, I started ballet and a bunch of small stuff like actually going to a gym to work out instead of staying home where I’m more comfortable, rock climbing, dancing in front of the entire town of Sultan even though I’d never danced in my life until this month and performing music for people… And I guess I just want to let you know that you really truly helped me learn to start living life on purpose and stretching myself. It took a couple years of floundering and kind of just making a mess of everything, but I think what I learned is starting to take hold. Thank you so, so much.
Oh, also doing so much better academically now. And then there are inner things as well, like finally learning to love and forgive myself and have trust and faith. So it’s been wonderful.

Meagan H.

“Mr. D, you have no idea how much you’ve inspired me; thank you for living your life on purpose, it has changed my own in incredible ways.”

Katie F.


Greg and Rachel in the Austrian Alps

But chief of all Thy wondrous works,

Supreme of all Thy plan,

Into the heart of man.

Thou hast put an upward reach

Greg is a self-made man. Leaving home at the age of 16, he spent some hard years learning how to survive — and thrive. He experienced many homeless, hungry, lonely days and nights.

But through it all he felt the supporting hand of God and was blessed by the influence of many mentors along the way. He made a commitment to become a ‘family man’, to create a life filled with love and happiness — based on the things that matter most — and to give back by lifting and inspiring others, especially youth.

Today Greg is a husband and father to seven incredible children. He has traveled with his family to 33 countries on 5 continents and is learning his third language. Having worked with youth and adults for the past 18 years in both the public and private sector, he currently mentors youth and parents in personal and social leadership, and leads international and outdoor adventures for youth and families.

Learn more about Greg and his unique life story (in video) here.

Limited spots available

“I have been living in my ordinary world for a long time. I’ve had calls to adventure and denied them. I am so happy that I have had so many good mentors, but Mr. Denning has been the one who helped me realize and accept my call. I’m now crossing the threshold, I don’t know all the twists and turns on my journey, but I am excited to finally get started.”

Cedar J.

“Greg Denning is a fire-hose of energy, excitement, joy and light!!! His enthusiasm is contagious, and his example and stories are legendary. (I’m not kidding.) He has been such a great example to my children and to me (as I would listen in on his weekly mentoring sessions with my children). I always walked away with tools to improve my life, feeling uplifted and excited for the journey ahead. His experiences and knowledge of life help all of us to look at the truth within ourselves, and choose what we want to become, and create the path to get us there. We love you, Greg!! You are amazing and a great tool in God’s hands to help His children have an amazing life!! “

Mia M.

“Thank you! You have made an incredible difference in [my daughter’s] life and I appreciate your huge role in helping dreams, that I thought could only be dreams, come true. What an incredible opportunity. Thank you so very much.”



There are limited spots available. We meet 2 times per week, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8 am MST.

ONE-ON-ONE and SMALL GROUP mentoring is a powerful tool for creating positive, lasting change and improvement. Hourly prices often range from $50-$100. We know that this is not affordable for some families, so we’ve created small groups that make it affordable (less than $25/hour).

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  • Recordings Available (if you miss or can't make it)
  • Recommended Readings
  • Goal Setting Sessions & Life Challenges
  • Accountability Partner & Email Access
  • Personalized Mentoring
  • Interaction with Inspiring, Principled Youth
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