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I think we all agree, our world is changing so fast, and it really is an exciting time to be alive.

Think about how much the world has changed in the last 5, 10, 15 years? I just turned 37, and in my lifetime I’ve seen cell phones, the Internet, e-books and audio books — and now being able to carry around a computer in my pocket with incredible capabilities!

We live in such an exciting time of change — so many things are changing — traditional jobs are changing, and the Industrial Age is quickly moving away and turning into the Information Age or what some call the Connection Age.

[At the time of this video] I live and work from Costa Rica — and I could live anywhere I wanted to. All over the world, wherever there is Internet (which is almost everywhere now) there are people creating an income online. We have friends traveling all over the world who are entrepreneurs, creating new careers and running their businesses, and they are doing it literally from a beach!

But how do you prepare your children ,or even yourself for that matter, for these big changes, this new age that is really quite different from the old one?

How do you get prepared for a future that’s changing so incredibly fast? And that’s all very unknown, right? I mean, who knows what kinds of things we’ll be using in 5 or 10 years from now? It’s all very exciting to think about, but it can also be intimidating because it’s unknown and it’s uncertain.

So how do you and your children get prepared for these changes? I believe the answer is a GREAT EDUCATION! Teaching your children how to think, not just what to think.

I want to share the top three ways to help your children get a world class education.

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It’s very sad — just a tragedy — so many parents and grandparents haven’t caught the vision yet. They haven’t noticed the changes, or realized how far reaching they are and the long-term impact they’re having — and so they are pushing their kids and grandkids on the old path, on the old ways that no longer work.

By doing that they are sadly (although inadvertently) setting them up for failure. What used to work 30 or 40 years ago will no longer work today or in the future. It just can’t because of this new age we are moving towards, an age of different rules and methods for creating successful businesses (and careers).

We have to help our children get a great education. To really learn how to think so that they can succeed.

How do we do it?

The most important thing is reading. Read to your children. I read to my kids every single day. I don’t miss a day without reading to them.

Get them great books, buy books first and then food after! Make sure your kids have access to great books and give them time, even if they have to set aside chores, even if you have to hire a maid, just give your children time to study and read from great books.

Note: We have lists of great books here to help parents get a great education and help their kids to get a great education.

There are three main ways that a person acquires a great education:


Study the great books, the great classics of all time. Reading great books is like having conversations with the best thinkers who have ever lived, and having them be our mentors. We have their words written down and we can access them and learn from them.


Learn through experience. There are certain things you can only learn by trying, by experiencing, by feeling them, touching them, being there. So get out, travel, see the world, try new things, try challenging things! Have new experiences that just get your neurons connecting and going.

Expand your life, get your reality expanded, see new cultures, learn new languages, meet new people, go to new places, get out there and try new things! You will grow so much by having experiences. Too many of us stay in one little corner of the earth doing the same thing year after year after year, and it keeps us limited and small. So get out and have great experiences.


Learning and real education comes through inspiration or revelation. When you look at all the great thinkers and the great learners, they spent time in meditation and prayer seeking for divine help. They sought for those moments where it just comes like lightning to your mind and to your soul, where God just gives you truth.

Teach your children (and yourself) to have quiet time where they spend time thinking. Set aside time to really think to ponder, to pray and meditate. And seek inspiration, guidance and learning.

I promise you’ll set yourself and your children up for a phenomenal future, and great success, no matter the changes, if you’ll do those three things:

  1. Read and study veraciously from the best books of all time…the classics.
  2. Get out and create incredible life experiences that expands your reality and help you grow.
  3. Seek inspiration and revelation, and get that quiet time, get your subconscious mind to bring out great truths that will just inspire you upward to live a phenomenal life.

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Reach upward

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November 11, 2015

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