Worldschool in Action — European Edition




Click Here to see the full curriculum for this Course — 32 videos from our travels in Europe!

Are you wondering what exactly is ‘worldschooling’, and what does it actually look like in action?

Travel and learn with us as we wander Europe as a family:

  • Learning about WWII in an abandon French city that was massacred by the Nazis
  • Discovering the importance of ‘building a firm foundation’ at the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Exploring the Roman Forum and Colosseum in Rome
  • Road tripping through multiple countries in just a few hours!
  • Learning tough lessons about gratitude from a beggar in Marseille, France
  • And many more!

Enjoy 32 videos spanning 8+ countries as we visit cities and ruins, beaches and volcanoes on this amazing continent. Discover the lessons we learn from history, cultures and people.

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