Just One Life to Live — Make it Epic




It seems silly to say it because it’s so ‘obvious’ but — we only have one life to live!

Yet, too often, we spend our days, the currency of our lives, in frivolities and visceral pleasures instead of consciously sucking the marrow out of living.

Life is short, unpredictable, and — for far too many people —  often unfulfilling. You only have one life to live. Why not make it EPIC?

But HOW do you make that happen? By discovering and developing in three key areas.

  1. Purpose (find yours)
  2. Potential (develop yours)
  3. Peak Performance (reach yours)

In this one hour audio program, Greg shares what he discovered on a personal quest to find the secret of a happy life. From homeless, lonely, depressed teen to happy, world-traveling father of seven, he shares everything you need to embark on your own path of ‘awesome-sauce’ living.

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