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Welcome! What IS Worldschooling?

Our purpose is to create a community of parents and educators who are looking for better educational alternatives — something besides a conveyor belt, one-size-fits-all approach to teaching kids.

We can’t define what worldschooling means to you or others, but we can give you our definition, and why we think it’s the best educational option out there.

Below is the philosophy and pedagogy we use at WSA. Others might define it differently, but to us, worldschooling looks like this:

  • a holistic approach to learning that includes all aspects of life, and integrates instead of separating them into subjects
  • a recognition that children learn differently than adults, and learning for children (especially when they are young) looks like play
  • an acknowledgement that when children are active and engaged, they are learning. If they’re not, they are being ‘force-fed’ information (which they most likely will not retain)
  • a recognition that each child and adult is unique, with their own gifts and talents, and that there are multiple intelligences (beyond academics only)
  • a realization that according to research, grades, test scores and degrees are not an adequate indicator of future success
  • a higher expectation for youth and young adults to achieve a real scholar level, leadership-based education (including breadth and depth), without which they will never be truly educated
  • an understanding that learning happens best when it’s connected to a tangible outcome (project, creation, artwork, experience)
  • realizing that learning happens best when it is associated with something the child already knows or recently learned about (environment, surroundings, experience, previous knowledge)
  • a utilization of hands-on and experiential learning to solidify knowledge (projects, field trips, travel)
  • defining the ultimate goal of education as discovery of your personal mission and the method in which you will positively impact the world

It’s a bold statement to say that our definition of worldschooling is the ‘best educational option out there’. But it’s one we believe is entirely true, especially when it comes to our family. That’s why we’ve embraced it fully and are dedicating our time and energy to sharing it with others and creating an educational movement!

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