Living Deliberately: How to Create YOUR Ridiculously Awesome Life


Since 2007 our family of nine has traveled to over 35 countries on five continents. That’s ridiculously awesome.

What would a ‘ridiculously awesome’ life look like for your family? That’s what we want to help you create.

Our life started out like most people’s — with a white picket fence, a mortgage, a career and 2.5 children.

So how did we get from there to where we are now — international globetrotters, worldschoolers, and location independent income earners (known as ‘digital nomads’)?

That’s what we share in this step-by-step program that we created for people just like you — regular people with a big dream and a gypsy heart.


“This is NOT something you can go through quickly, think about glibly, and move on. What the Dennings have written WILL make you think, and some of that process will absolutely take you time to ponder. 

You will find yourself asking the tough questions about your life – where you are, where you would like to be, and whether or not you are courageous enough to get there – and you may just find yourself inspired to make some major life changes.” — S. Watson


Includes 30+ videos (5+ hours) and a 7-hour companion Audiobook. Click here to see the full curriculum.

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  • 1 year
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