How to Fund Family Travel


“Question for you… What is the best way to make money for traveling as a family?” 

As a large traveling family (7 kids) who has been wandering for 11 years (to 35+ countries on 5 continents), we often receive questions like the one above. So we’ve created a course to help families like yours. It quickly and simply explains……

  • The Easiest & Best Ways to Support a Family on the Road or Abroad 
  • The Quickest, Simplest Way to Start Earning Location Independent Income ASAP
  • What’s Worked for Us… And Others
  • The ABC’s of Earning While Traveling – Some things work, and some DON’T. Learn the difference and get traveling sooner.

When we started out, we had a big dream but NO idea of how to finance it. What we did have was determination to find the answers — so we started asking and interviewing families we met on the road who were doing what we wanted to do.

These interviews were highly valuable because they gave us insight, inspiration and specific ideas on how to finance a lifestyle that was totally unconventional! We knew that other families would be interested in hearing this information too, so that’s why we compiled 30+ interviews into this courses.

If you’d like to see more of the world, or even just your home country, with your family, then start this course ASAP!

You’ll learn:

  • How to work remotely (from home, abroad, a co-working space — anywhere there’s internet!)
  • What ‘location independent’ income is and how to earn it
  • How to build an online business
  • How to find employment abroad
  • Why your limiting beliefs may be holding you back from your dream life
  • Why traveling is cheaper than staying home
  • And much more!

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