9 Ways to Build a Fantastic Family Culture


A fantastic family culture is the tool for communicating what your family is about — who you are, what contribution you want to make. It’s also the best way to get children to take responsibility for their own education. In it we cover:

  • Raising Leaders and Creating the Culture You Want
  • The Power of PMS
  • How to Better Bond With Your Child
  • The Ritual That Just Makes Life Better (and Easier!)
  • How to Instill Greatness in Kids
  • How to Get Your Child to Do What’s Right (Even if You’re Not There)
  • Making Sure You’re Not So Busy That You’re Ruining Your Child
  • How to Have More Energy Than Your Kids
  • What You Should Be Doing Every Night (Instead of Facebook or TV)

9 part video series

  • $49.00
  • 10 years, 1 month
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