A dynamic, live, weekly group discussion focusing on IMPROVING THE INNER LIFE  through personal and social leadership, great books of the world and scripture study.

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“I can’t help but pay attention, really.
Mr. Denning has a vision inside of him, and his insights are priceless.”
Jared S

Do you have a great teen who wants to connect with other exceptional youth to discuss meaningful topics and create life-long friendships?

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Then just $24.75/week
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Are you looking for a mentor that will inspire your teen to become their best, hold them accountable for goals, and help them discover their life mission?

Join our weekly group today and get involved with:  

  • Meaningful discussions on how to become better personal and social leaders
  • Inspiration and guidance for discovering your personal life mission
  • Action steps for implementing greatness in your life
  • Reading and discussion of the great books of the world
  • Dive deep into the scriptures and gain a firm doctrinal understanding


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Then just $24.75/week
No commitment. Cancel anytime!

“You’re a really great mentor and I feel as though I should thank you for helping us have meaningful lives.” – Jonathon S


Greg is a self-made man. Leaving home at the age of 16, he spent some hard years learning how to survive — and thrive. He experienced many homeless, hungry and lonely nights and days.

But through it all he felt the supporting hand of God and was blessed by the influence of many mentors along the way. He made a commitment to create a life filled with love and happiness — based on the things that matter most — and to give back by lifting and inspiring others, especially youth.

Today Greg is a husband and father to six incredible children. He has traveled with his family to 22 countries on 5 continents and is learning his third language. Having worked with youth and adults for the past 18 years in both the public and private sector, he currently teaches personal and social leadership at He also works one-on-one and in groups with homeschooled youth in programs like this one.

The photo on the left is with his wife Rachel in the Austrian Alps. They currently live in Europe.

“I have been living in my ordinary world for a long time. I’ve had calls to adventure and denied them. I am so happy that I have had so many good mentors, but Mr. Denning has been the one who helped me realize and accept my call. I’m now crossing the threshold, I don’t know all the twists and turns on my journey, but I am excited to finally get started.” – Cedar J.

What is Worldschooling?

The definition and approach to worldschooling varies depending on the parent or family.

We can’t define what they mean to you or others, but as founders of WorldSchoolAcademy (WSA), we can give you our definition of worldschooling, and why we think it’s the best educational option out there.

We use the term ‘worldschooling’ because for us it incorporates using the ‘world as your classroom’ (using what’s around you to facilitate learning), and


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