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EVERY MONTH you’ll receive a new module with curriculum ideas for getting your kids to love reading, teaching math, science, history and more in a way that is fun and engenders a life-long love of learning. Learn WHAT to teach, WHEN to teach it, and HOW to teach it in an effect way that fosters real understanding.


EVERY MONTH you’ll receive a new module with curriculum ideas for getting your kids to love reading, teaching math, science, history and more in a way that is fun and engenders a life-long love of learning. Some of what will be covered includes:

  • An understanding of the 3 Types of Education, and how to make sure you’ve chosen the right one! (Critically important- most homeschoolers miss this!)
  • An overview of how children learn differently from adults (and from other children) and how to teach to their unique learning style
  • Diving into the Phases of Learning and Erikson’s chart on the Hierarchy of Needs, to better understand what your child needs to learn — and most importantly — when
  • Inspiration for you to inspire your child and keep their natural love of learning alive (we’re all born with it. The ‘conveyor belt’ system squelches it)
  • The key ‘ingredients’ for creating a family culture that makes learning as natural as eating and sleeping
  • Ideas for creating ‘active learning’ — the only kind of learning that really sticks
  • Techniques for helping your child to learn focus and follow-through
  • Guiding your child in learning HOW to think, not just WHAT to think
  • When to use curriculum, and when not to (so you avoid a hate of learning)
  • ‘Secrets’ for getting your kids to love reading! The number one factor for educational success
  • Specific, actionable ideas for teaching math, science, art, literature, music, languages and much more (with example ‘lesson plans’)
  • Glimpses into a ‘Day-in-the-Life’ of our WorldSchool
  • The absolute best resources — book lists, websites, videos, curriculum and more!

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What is Worldschooling?

The definition and approach to worldschooling varies depending on the parent or family.

We can’t define what they mean to you or others, but as founders of WorldSchoolAcademy (WSA), we can give you our definition of worldschooling, and why we think it’s the best educational option out there.

We use the term ‘worldschooling’ because for us it incorporates using the ‘world as your classroom’ (using what’s around you to facilitate learning), and

Homeschooling with Dyslexia
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