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Introduction to Parent Mentor Training

Would you like to be a better educational example to your child? Do you recognize that your influence and example will make or break your child’s educational success?

EVERY MONTH you’ll receive a new module on how to become a better educational example and parent mentor to your child, so you’ll know how to best inspire them to get a great education (since it’s not something you can give to them, but something they must get on their own!)


This is an introduction, overview and prerequisite to the complete Parent Mentor Training Course

Some of the things we’ll cover include:

  • What a a truly great education looks like (most people have no clue)
  • Getting your kids interested in learning and in love with reading
  • Inspiring your child to take responsibility for their own education
  • Creating your ideal Family Culture — the most important element
  • Becoming more capable, confident and qualified as your child’s teacher
  • The most important things your child needs to learn — and by what age they should learn them 
  • How to best educate your child from birth through adulthood
  • Choosing the right curriculum/approach to each ‘subject’ and working with your child’s unique learning style
  • Recognizing your child’s passions and talents and helping them master them
  • Discovering more than enough energy and time to balance everything in your busy life — and to have more energy than your kids!
  • Gaining the confidence and answers to the tough questions (and accusations) that the naysayers will throw at you
  • Answering your unique questions and addressing your challenges (with email access and Q&A’s)
  • Community with like-minded Parent Mentors in our private Facebook Group

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What is Worldschooling?

The definition and approach to worldschooling varies depending on the parent or family.

We can’t define what they mean to you or others, but as founders of WorldSchoolAcademy (WSA), we can give you our definition of worldschooling, and why we think it’s the best educational option out there.

We use the term ‘worldschooling’ because for us it incorporates using the ‘world as your classroom’ (using what’s around you to facilitate learning), and

Homeschooling with Dyslexia
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