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Colorful Classic Literature for Children (By Reading Level) for Early Readers and Beyond

What is a classic? A classic can be defined as something — literature, music, art, movies, even people — that teaches …

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How to Break Your Child’s Screen Addiction (And Yours Too)

Like what you see? Please share! social_buttons   For years I’ve had the amazing privilege to be an educational mentor. …

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3 Important Gifts You Give When You Read to Children

Like what you see? Please share! social_buttons Perhaps it’s a bold statement, but reading to your children is one of …

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What is Worldschooling?

The definition and approach to worldschooling varies depending on the parent or family.

We can’t define what they mean to you or others, but as founders of WorldSchoolAcademy (WSA), we can give you our definition of worldschooling, and why we think it’s the best educational option out there.

We use the term ‘worldschooling’ because for us it incorporates using the ‘world as your classroom’ (using what’s around you to facilitate learning), and

Homeschooling with Dyslexia
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